How Do I Know If She Likes Me What… She Liked Me and I Didn’t Even Know

How Do I Know If She Likes Me What… She Liked Me and I Didn’t Even Know
March 26, 2020 By William Others

In my last Article I talked about why it is possible for anyone to become more attractive to women. The combination of the latest scientific research and the hard work of some great people breaking it all down into affordable and easy to understand programs has made it easier than ever to meet and seduce Hot women everyday if you want.   Today I want to talk about a simple way to tell within seconds if a women is attracted to you.

10 Second Attraction

Most men make the mistake of not realizing that women are constantly sending out signals of attraction through out the day.   They do this through their body language and because most men are completely illiterate of this form of subtle communication, they completely miss the dozens if not more, signals that women are sending out everyday.   You can understand the importance then, of noticing these signals.

I would say that this is the single biggest problem men have when it comes to attracting women.   I will talk about how to read the signals in a minute.

The second biggest problem men make with women, especially attractive women is assuming what a women is looking for in a man, before ever talking to her and finding out. There is an assumption that all women want the same devastatingly handsome body builder type of guys. This is absolutely not true. There is a concept psychologists use called a «love map». When women are young they tend to imprint on the men around them and it forms a sorta blueprint or «map» of the qualities and traits in men she will find attractive later in life.

The Importance of The Love Map

Since not all women have the same type of men around when they are young, there is a huge difference in the type of imprinting that happens. If you add to that the fact that women have just as many different and wild sexual fetishes, interests and fantasies as men do. There is a huge variety of women in all shapes and sizes attracted to all types, shapes and sizes of men out there. Now this is something to be very excited about!

So how do you know if she wants to talk to you? Well that’s easy. Make eye contact with her and smile. If she smiles back, guess what, that is the first signal that she is open to talking with you. The second thing to look at is her eyes. If she looks down immediately after looking at you. What will happen is in a few seconds, maybe a little longer she will look back up. If you are not looking at her still (men miss read this all the time) she will think you are not interested in her. If she looks to either side after the initial eye contact, she likes you but there is something stopping her from being open to talking, maybe she has a boyfriend. If she rolls her eyes up and over, that is the signal that she is not interested in you.

There’s More Than One Beautiful Girl in the World.

That brings me to the third important point. Not every woman you meet will like you. You will not like every woman you meet. That is simply life.   No matter how attractive a women is, if she has a horrible personality that is the completely opposite of what you enjoy or want, you would be miserable with her no matter how attractive she is.

Once you learn to completely read a woman’s attraction signals with the sets I’m recommending. You will quickly realize that there are many possibilities for dating and you do not need to try to make every woman out there like you. So if she doesn’t send you the signals, remember it’s not about you, do not take it personally.   She has a different love map and different interests. How much easier will it be to attract women, if you only talk to the ones already interested in you.

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