How To Attract A Girl

How To Attract A Girl
March 23, 2020 By William Others

So, you wanna know how to attract girls? Why is it some guys just happen to get all the attention while others struggle just to start a conversation. Believe me, I’ve been there for many years and it was never been easy. I even missed out during college! Very lame indeed.

A popular misconception is that these guys are born with a gift to attract girls. Not true! Instead, they know what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about having the right skills and knowing how to use them. And the best part is anyone can learn them! You’ve heard the old saying “Practice makes perfect”. Are you following me? Ok, good. Let me show you how to attract these girls using these “special” skills.

  1. Attract Girls by making Good Conversation – This is an easy skill to master and completely overlooked. Truth be told, communication is the foundation for attracting girls. More powerful than good looks or a big wallet! First impressions count and girls tend to evaluate guys within the first 5 minutes of conversation. So if you want to really attract girls, have an open conversation with her.
  2. If you’re shy, some good topics for conversation include:
    • Any special skills or talents you have. Girls love a guy that’s adventurous.
    • Dreams or goals you have in life.
    • Funny stories, events, or things that have happened to you (humor is a girl’s best friend).
  3. Attract Girls by Being Respectful – Be polite and respectful. This will show you that you actually give a damn about them (whether you really do is up to you)! The more manners you present to them, the more value you add to yourself to attract girls.
  4. Attract Girls but Don’t Chase Them – Girls are totally turned off by a guy who is pushy and desperate. It’s a simple concept. If you’re perceived to already being chased by other girls than you will come off as a hot commodity! And we know women love that. Tease them a bit. Playing a little hard to get will get them intrigued and excited. Call her the first time but wait for her to call the second or third time. This will make it seem like you have things going in your life, which, in moderation, can make you come off as a successful guy.
  5. Attract Girls By Being Yourself – This is not some groundbreaking secret but it amazes me how often guys fail to do this. Come on, let’s think about. She’s going to really found out who you are sooner or later. It’s so much easier to be yourself than pretend to be someone your not because girls can pick up on that FAST. Let them fall in love with the right person. So, this means you don’t want to play games. Be yourself and never pretend to be someone your not. Don’t try to act arrogant and cooler than everyone else. Instead try to spend sometime with her, and talking with her. Keep it simple and friendly in the beginning because sooner or later she might be interested.
  6. Attract Girls By Using Good Hygiene – Yes, this means you need to take a shower, brush your teeth, and throw on some cologne. Nothing turn’s a woman off faster than a guy who smells like a King-Kong sized turd. Now, one thing that holds true about girls is they love fragrances and smells. One of my favorite things to use is pheromones.

Pheromones are naturally produced chemicals that stimulate our sexual desire and attraction to the opposite sex. Some of the predictable effects of pheromones include an increase in eye contact, smiles, physical and social interaction, dating, and sex. It’s a surefire trick to increase your attraction. If you’re shy or feel uncomfortable about approaching women, than pheromones will help you out a lot.

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