How To Get a Relationship

How To Get a Relationship
March 30, 2020 By William Others

Your relationship may not seem to be having problems on the surface, but something just doesn’t seem right about your relationship and it is making you feel bad about your partner and the dynamic of your relationship. This is usually a sign that your partner, or you, is withdrawing from the relationship on some level.

When you first start dating and chatting you share everything together. You enjoy being in each other’s space and you proudly stare into each other’s eyes while you are talking. You have a connection between you two that is not shared with many other people. This is when you have both feet into the happiness of the relationship and you both want to see it succeed.

The problems start when one or both of you start to remove a foot from the relationship and start to withdraw from the connection that you once had. This can be done either by withdrawing verbally or non-verbally. The effects are pretty much the same.

Verbal withdrawal results in you not communicating as well as you used to.

Examples are:

  • You or your partner don’t want to talk about your day anymore.
  • You or your partner no longer share thoughts and feelings about life and desires anymore.
  • You find that you sit around the dinner table looking out the window rather than talking.
  • You feel like you have nothing to talk about with each other anymore.
  • You or your partner stops disclosing information for fear of ridicule, blame, or anger.

All of these examples are a problem.

A healthy relationship will have a strong communication bond. You will want to share your feelings, thoughts, and desires with each other and you will do so with ease. There will be no lying or bending the truth when communicating in a healthy relationship, but rather you will talk as best friends do – laying it all on the table, and more importantly, wanting to lay it all out on the table with each other.   Non-verbal withdrawal results in feeling uncomfortable or awkward around each other.

Clues that you or your partner is withdrawing non-verbally are:

  • Wanting more space between you and them both in life and physically.
  • Not liking to be touched anymore.
  • Withholding joy and laughter.
  • No longer displaying affection with kisses or touch.
  • Body language will be turned away from each other.
  • Rolling eyes in annoyance when the other speaks.
  • Eye contact will dwindle to nothing when you are engaging in conversation.

These are all clues that you or your partner is starting to withdraw from the relationship and a huge sign that you need to get your relationship back on track before it’s too late. Keep your eyes open for verbal and non-verbal withdrawal signs and fix them when they arise.

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